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Exploring yoga experiences in Malta

In the heart of the Mediterranean, the island of Malta has become a hub for yoga enthusiasts. With an array of yoga classes available, the Maltese islands are buzzing with a community of individuals seeking physical, psychological, and spiritual enrichment through yoga. But with so many options, how do you select the right class that suits your needs?

Whether you’re after a class that’s conveniently located or you’re searching for a specific style of yoga, we’re here to guide you. We’ll explore the various yoga centres across Malta, delve into the unique styles on offer, and help you navigate your way to the perfect yoga class. Let’s embark on this journey to reconnect with ourselves through the transformative power of yoga.

Yoga as a practice

In Malta, yoga serves not just as a workout, but a lifestyle choice that enhances general health, wellbeing, and happiness. Yoga centres like Lotus Room Yoga Centre in Żebbuġ and the Satori Centre focus on holistic health and wellness. At Sanya, the focus stands on the traditional foundations of yoga, intertwining these with modern techniques.

Yoga’s essence distills to more than physical exercises; it’s a spiritual practice designed to balance energy levels, manage stress, and improve strength, balance, and flexibility. The versatile nature of yoga in Malta caters for varying levels of experience, benefiting complete novices and seasoned yogis alike.

Thought of as an oasis of health and wellbeing, Satori Centre in Malta offers activities, workshops, and retreats apart from traditional yoga and meditation classes. Diving into yoga’s spiritual depth, Lotus Room in Zebbug gives comprehensive guidance on embracing the yoga lifestyle. From Vinyasa Yoga, Pranayama, meditation, to yoga philosophy and detox methods, Lotus Room offers numerous ways to immerse in the yogic lifestyle.

Finally, centres like RAW, set up in the tranquillity of Malta’s Pietà marina, serve as peaceful havens, offering diverse yoga practices within softly lit, gently scented lounges.

Yoga in Malta goes beyond traditional class structures, promoting extensive immersion into the yoga lifestyle for a broader sense of overall wellbeing. The practice transcends exercise, becoming a tool to navigate, enhance, and celebrate life.

Different types of yoga

In the diverse landscape of yoga in Malta, multiple styles cater to various needs and preferences. From calming Hatha yoga to the heated intensity of hot yoga, Malta offers a little of everything.

Ashtanga Yoga

Given Malta’s vibrant yoga scene, Ashtanga yoga finds a place of its own. Ashtanga, with its specific series of poses synchronised with the breath, offers a vigorous workout. As practitioners move through the series briskly, they tend to develop stamina, flexibility, and core strength. Thus, Ashtanga yoga becomes an excellent choice for those looking for an intense, fast-paced yoga practice.

Vinyasa Yoga

Among the other popular yoga styles in Malta, Vinyasa takes a lion’s share. Vinyasa, or “flow” yoga, characterises itself by smooth transitions between poses in sync with the practitioner’s breathing pattern. Vinyasa classes in Malta often come integrated with music, creating a rhythmic flow that amplifies the overall yoga experience.

Hatha Yoga

Deeply rooted in Malta’s yoga culture, Hatha acts as an umbrella term for all the physical practices of yoga. Hatha Yoga emphasises a balance between mind and body through a combination of asanas (postures), pranayama (breath control), meditation, and relaxation techniques. It primary aims at preparing the body for deep spiritual practices such as meditation.

Hot Yoga

In Malta, hot yoga continues to sweat its way into the region’s yoga curriculum. Practiced in a room heated to around 40 degrees Celsius, hot yoga aids in deeper stretching, reduced stress, and enhanced detoxification. Though challenging, it remains a favourite among attendees seeking a hutba workout while still enjoying the spiritual benefits of yoga.

Other Types of Yoga

Apart from these common styles, Malta also opens its arms to other yoga variations. Whether it’s restorative yoga for recovery, Jivamukti for a combination of physical and spiritual aspects, tantric yoga for enhancing energy and power, or prenatal and postnatal yoga for pregnant women and new mothers, Malta offers a yoga practice to suit everyone.

Remember, the essence of yoga lies not in the type you choose, but in how you practice it. In Malta, the journey within is as important as the physical form, creating a holistic yoga experience balancing mind, body, and spirit.

Classes vs private lessons

When choosing which Yoga Malta experience best suits your needs, consider the structure of both classes and private lessons. Regular classes, like the ones held at our Yoga Space studio in Mosta, Malta, follow a weekly schedule. Yoga classes offer consistency, allowing you to build strength, flexibility, and awareness over time. For example, classes include options like Yoga at 7:00 PM on Mondays, and sessions at 6:00 PM or 7:30 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

However, if a rigid schedule doesn’t match your lifestyle, private lessons might be your best pathway. Offering flexibility in both time and content, private sessions at venues like LahLah Yoga can tailor the practice to your unique needs and goals. These one-to-one sessions can be accommodated at your preferred location turning your living room into a personalised Yoga studio.

But, no matter if you choose group classes or private lessons, Yoga Malta centres ensure you experience the benefits and peace of this ancient practice in all its traditional and modern forms.

The best studios on the island

Yoga in Malta encapsulates multiple elements, from traditional yoga practices that encourage holistic well-being to the very coveted yoga studios known for their unique offerings. Here we delve deeper into two renowned studios – Sanya and Momosyoga.


Characterised by its eco-spa identity, Sanya emerges as a unique name among the yoga studios in Malta. It caters not just to novices but also to those with advanced yoga skills. Combining traditional foundational aspects of yoga with contemporary techniques, Sanya offers a unique blend for its practitioners. It aids in achieving not just physical strength, flexibility, and balance, but also contributes to general happiness, stress management, and energy level enhancements.
Additionally, Sanya extends an array of health-promoting activities supplementing the yoga classes. With its mandate to create transformative experiences for yoga enthusiasts, it maintains a fine balance between the spiritual aspect of yoga and its modern interpretations.


Momosyoga offers a different approach to yoga. Emphasising the complete personalisation and adaptability of the practice, they offer private sessions tailored to individual yoga goals. LahLah, in particular, is a unique option within Momosyoga that brings yoga to the patrons, redefining the yoga class experience. Ideal for those deterred by performance anxiety or time constraints, these sessions embody the true meaning of yoga – developing awareness of the body and creating inner balance.
Whether one opts for the private classes or the community feels of other sessions such as Balazs Heller’s Beach FitYoga, there are choices aplenty at Momosyoga. Minutely addressing the wide spectrum of yoga enthusiasm, from adults to kids, Momosyoga exhibits a commitment to the transformative power of yoga.

In deciding the best fit between Sanya and Momosyoga, prospective yoga practitioners should factor in their personal requirements, skill levels, and the nature of yoga practice they seek. Yoga Malta encapsulates diverse offerings—whether you’re looking for an eco-spa experience, complete personalisation, community feel, or wide-ranging class options. May your choice guide you towards a fulfilling and holistic yoga journey.

Peaceful yoga spots

The serenity and beauty of Malta provide an ideal setting for yogis. There is more to Yoga Malta than just yoga studios. The island’s beauty offers tranquil spots perfect for outdoor practice. These include the picturesque Għajn Tuffieħa Tower, the historic Wardija Battery, and the scenic Dingli Cliffs.

Għajn Tuffieħa Tower

Situated near one of Malta’s most beautiful sandy beaches, Għajn Tuffieħa Tower offers yogis an arresting backdrop. Practising yoga here, you feel the gentle sea breeze, hear the rhythmic sounds of the waves, and see the sun setting over the horizon. This ancient watchtower’s solitude makes it a perfect yoga spot.

Wardija Battery

Another historical location, the Wardija Battery, offers breathtaking views of St. Paul’s Bay and the Mediterranean Sea. The Battery’s sparse surroundings and historical significance provide a unique backdrop for yoga sessions. It is a place where history and tranquillity merge, creating an ideal location for mindful yoga practice aimed at reconnecting with oneself.

Dingli Cliffs

Dingli Cliffs, the highest point in Malta, offers panoramic views of the open sea. It is a magnet for both experienced yogis and beginners. A yoga session at Dingli Cliffs connects the practitioner to the raw beauty of nature. The vastness of the sea, the height of the cliffs, and the tranquillity of the location make every yoga session here a unique and peaceful experience.

Each of these locations, with their unique beauty and peace, adds a different dimension to the practice of Yoga Malta. They transport the practitioner into a world that transcends the normal and ordinary—the perfect setting for a yoga session.

Things to bring to your first yoga session

Embarking on the journey of Yoga, particularly in the serene landscapes of Malta, requires a touch of preparation. Align your practice with the fundamental elements of the ancient tradition by packing appropriately for your first yoga class.

  1. A Yoga Mat, acts as the foundation of your practice. Its texture provides grip, while the cushioning supports your body in various poses. Some studios in Malta, like Sanya, do offer mats, but as a specific mat becomes synonymous with your practice, bringing your own becomes essential.

  2. Comfortable Clothing, allows flexibility and unhindered movement. Opt for stretchy, breathable fabrics. Avoid loose garments that may interfere during poses. Remember to cater to Malta’s temperate climate as well.

  3. Water Bottle, ensures you stay hydrated during practice. Regular fluid intake aids in maintaining energy levels and managing stress—an integral part of yoga teachings.

  4. Towel, for any high-intensity session, absorbing sweat significantly increases your comfort level.

  5. An Open Mind, remember, everyone starts somewhere. Embrace the learning process, allow your body to become familiar with the poses and trust in the transformative power of yoga in Malta.

This list presents specific, tangible suggestions, yet the true essence of Yoga extends beyond physicality into realms of elevated consciousness. Embark on this journey with an open heart and mind, and experience the joy of Yoga in Malta.

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